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      Established in 2013 and is an innovative company which deal in design and production of Double Glazing Venetian Blind. We have powerful R&D team, professional and strong production capability, abundant product series and excellent sales service group. Our blind products are sold well to Jordan, Philippines, Singapore,India,Russia,Denmark,England and other countries&districts.
      We are always working hard for development of Double Glazing Venetian Blind and sincerely invite you to join us no matter where you are from.
      • CULTURE

        openness basing on sincerity, make perfection more perfect. M&Z Blinds, decorate your home and workplace with concentrated attention...

      • QUALITY

        Keep moving for better quality and provide customers perfect products...

      • TEAM

        5-people R&D team,professional?and strong production capability,abundant product series and excellent 8-people sales service group...

      • Foshan M&Z Building Materials Co.,Ltd

        Add:Baigang Industrial Park, Heshun, Town Lishui,Foshan City, China
        Tel:0757-81772856      Fax:0757-81772826

      • Shenzhen office

        Add:Nanshan district, shenzhen city xuefu road 58, the big slab
        Yellow manager:13590334080

      • Export Department

        Manager Wong, Mobile: 0757-81772856