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      1. What’s Between Glass Blinds (or called Insulated Glass Blinds)

      Between Glass Blind is is a venetian blind sealed in-between two sheets of glass as a single, insulated/integral blind panel that is operable by magnet or motor control system.


      2. Whats the advantage for this blind compared to other kinds of blind/curtain?

      Firstly, it neednt cleaning from time to time as the blind system is built in Insulated glass. Secondly, it has remarkable performance in heat insulation, sound insulation,fireproofing,frost proofing and environmental protection.


      3. Where are these blinds used in?

      Generally speaking, these blind will fit into windows, doors and office partition and it is widely used in office, private house, villa, hospital, education building and other commercial and residential building.


      4. Why choose you for this blind?

      10-years specialized knowledge R&D and sales team, reliable and upgrading quality to match market demand, pretty competitive price and perfect pre-sale&after-sale service.


      5. Is there any requirement for this blind fitting into windows or doors?

      Yes. The width of window sash must be larger than that of the blind. For instance, our standard 19A magnet control aluminium venetian blind, the total width are 30mm(4mm tempered glass+19mm air spacer+5mm tempered glass+2mm part). So the width of window sash must be larger than 30mm, then our blind can fit into the window sash.


      6. How many kinds of color for your aluminium slats and honeycomb fabric?

      For aluminium slats, 16 colors

      For honeycomb fabric, 7 colors.


      7. How thick is your standard panel?

      Different material blind, the thickness of standard panel is different,pls check it at our Products category.


      8.How do the blinds operate?

      For manual blind, it are operable by magnet with tilt only and tilt & lift options.

      For automatic blind, it it are operable by motor control system with tilt only and tilt & lift options.


      9. Can the blinds be raised from bottom to the top?

      Yes, of course.


      10. What are the glass options?

      Tempered Glass, Low-E, Fire Rated, Polycarbonate,Bullet Resistant, Laminated ,Laser Polymer, Impact Glass. Restrictions may apply, please confirm before ordering.


      11. What size can you make?

      We can make different size for different materials blinds. Pls check our Products category for more info.


      12. What is the warranty for your blinds?

      2 years for glass, 5 years for blind system.


      13. What the lead time?

          12 working days upon order, generally speaking. For big quantity order, it depend on production schedule.

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